Single And Double Lift Pulleys Guaranteed For 12 Months

In any car garage, safety always comes first. When looking for any replacement parts for your lift, it’s crucial you identify the model and manufacturer. 

When it comes to pulleys, you also want to look at which material you need. Common options being steel, cast iron, or nylon. Replacement pulleys need to be made of the same material or you must find a suitable alternative.

It’s also vital to work out the weight capacity and load rating of the car lift. Lift pulleys need to have a rating that exceeds or matches the weights of the vehicles you intend to work on. 

Why order lift pulleys from Ramp Spares this autumn?

Ramp Spares only ever supply the finest quality components for garage lifts, ensuring that they’re operating at optimal levels. 

Our range of products include a range of replacement single and double pulleys, including those used in popular garage lifts. We also have quality pins which can be ordered in a pack or with the pulley. All pulleys and pins come with a warranty of 12 months. 

Among our selection of lift pulleys are those for AGM, Autec, Bendpak, Boston, Cascos, Consul, Kismet, Hofman, Laycock, Nussbaum, Rotary, Provac, Stenhoj, Werther, and many more. We make it easy to filter according to price, with our catalogue suitable for a number of different budgets. 

Explore our collection of high quality life pulleys or get in touch for more details today.