Quality Lift Cables With A 12 Month Guarantee

Lift cables need to be made of high strength steel wire. That’s because they need to be durable and able to withstand extremely heavy loads. That’s why such cables are usually constructed using multiple strands of steel wire twisted or braided together. 

The way they’re constructed enhances strength and resilience, ensuring the cable can perform at optimal levels. 

How do I choose the right cables for my lift?

The diameter of lift cables often varies depending on the lift’s design and load capacity. Thicker cables are generally used for heavier loads to ensure safety and longevity. Ramp Spares makes it extremely easy to pick the right ones for your particular brand. 

Some lift cables may have a protective coating, such as galvanised steel or nylon, to enhance resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and wear. If you can’t find the right design for your needs, Ramp Spares can often custom-make a design to fit. 

Our lift cables are engineered to withstand significant tensile forces. 

However, it’s vital to carry out regular inspections and maintenance to ensure everything is operating safely. 

Lift cables don’t last forever, so generally need replacing over time, especially with frequent use. Replacement intervals can vary depending on usage, the environment, and how well they’re maintained. 

Garage lift installations and maintenance might also be subject to local building codes, safety regulations and industry standards. Compliance with these regulations helps ensure the safety and reliability of lift systems.

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