Order Thoroughly Tested Mechanical Lift Spares

Did you know that the first garage car lift appeared in 1925?

It’s believed the idea first came to Peter Lunati when sitting in a barber’s chair, which operates in a somewhat similar fashion. Inspired by how easily the chair went up and down, he looked to apply the technology to vehicle lifts.

There are a number of mechanical parts which ensure a lift operates smoothly. These include cables, nuts, pins, pulleys and safety cables, all of which you can order replacements for at Ramp Spares. 

With over 80 years of experience manufacturing equipment for garages, Ramp Spares can be relied upon for engineered pattern parts.

We have one of the largest stocks of products available online, making it easy to order replacements when you need them. However, we’re also available for bespoke mechanical lift spares for equipment used throughout the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

All our garage lift cables are produced in accordance with ISO9001 management procedures. They also come with 12 month warranties for your peace of mind. We can deliver quickly and efficiently to help garage operations get back inaction ASAP.

If you need to order high quality mechanical lift spares, explore our latest products today. Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.