Order High Quality Lift Pads For Leading Brands

Lift pads are a crucial part of a garage car lift, so it’s important they’re of the finest quality. They help to distribute the weight of vehicles evenly, preventing the lift from becoming unstable. 

They also protect the underside of a car from damage when it’s being lifted. That’s because they have a cushioned surface that reduces the risk of damage like scratches or dents. In other words, anything that can occur when metal-to-metal contact happens.

Lift pads contribute towards the stability of a car when it’s on a lift platform. 

They need to prevent a vehicle from slipping when it’s been lifted or lowered, therefore stopping accidents to either a car or the operator. 

Ramp Spares has lift pads for various brands of equipment including Automotech, Bendpak, Cascos, Consul, Hofmann, Launch, Nassbaum, Oma, Rotary, Stenhoj, Silent Technology and many more.

Among our range is these Orlandini Hook-Over Lift Pads (x4) which are only £54.00. As with all our components for garage lifts, they’re made from the finest possible materials. If you need help finding what you need, our knowledgeable team is always available to help. We can also produce bespoke lift pads if needed. 

If you’re seeking manufacturers and suppliers of lift pads, simply contact us for more information.