How To Keep Your Garage Car Lift In Perfect Working Order

Along with providing high quality parts for car lifts, Ramp Spares can provide you with advice on maintaining this part of your garage. Here are a few tips for keeping your car lift working at optimal levels:

  1. Ensure the lift regularly gets proper care and maintenance. If any pieces need replacing, make sure the spares used are made from the finest materials. Ramp Spares only ever provides precision engineered pattern parts that are excellent quality. That includes bespoke spares when required.
  2. Read the owner’s manual for details on use and maintenance.
  3. Have regular inspections and maintenance of your garage car lift. An expert should routinely inspect your car lift for signs of wear and tear, including leaks, cracks, and loose bolts or nuts. If you need parts replaced, we have a huge range of products that are available as soon as possible, including lift cables, lift nuts, rubber lift blocks, and much more. 
  4. Regularly lubricate moving parts and joints. This will prevent wear and tear and reduce friction.
  5. Keep your car lift clean and free from debris, oil, and grease.
  6. Avoid overloading your car lift beyond its weight capacity. This will lead to potentially expensive damages.
  7. Remember that safety always comes first. Always follow safety precautions and protocols when using your garage’s car lift. That includes ensuring you’re operating the lift correctly and using it in a safe manner.