High Quality Lifting Cables with a 12-Month Warranty

Lifting cables are one of the most important parts of your garage and when looking for a replacement, it’s crucial to get it right.

They’re an essential component of many types of garage equipment, including car lifts and overhead cranes. Responsible for lifting and supporting heavy objects, such as cars and engines, they allow your mechanics and technicians to work on vehicles more easily and safely.

Without quality lift cables, it’s much harder to safely lift heavy vehicles with ease. 

Poor quality lifting cables can cause accidents, injuries, and damage to equipment or vehicles. It’s important to only choose a solution that’s manufactured for your particular lift.

Lifting cables must be regularly maintained and inspected regularly to ensure their safety and reliability. 

Ramp Spares has lifting cables in a variety of different types, sizes and materials, to meet all kinds of applications and weight capacities. 

All cables are manufactured from high quality wire rope in accordance with ISO9001 quality management procedures. Better yet, every single lift cable comes with a 12-month warranty. 

We ensure that garage owners and operators always have the most appropriate solution for their equipment and they know how to use them correctly to keep everyone safe. Ramp Spares is able to deliver to customers all over the UK.

If you’re looking to order high quality lift cables, find out more about our solutions today. Or contact us for more information.