Explore our Latest Selection of Lift Safety Cables 

Safety cables are essential components at garages and it’s crucial that replacements are manufactured to the finest standards. 

They serve as a secondary means of support in the event of a mechanical failure or malfunction of the lift system. Safety cables are typically made of strong steel wire ropes or chains, meaning they’re engineered to withstand significant weight and tension.

Lift cables can wear out over time due to being used regularly, exposure to weather conditions, or improper maintenance. 

If a lift rope becomes damaged or shows signs of wear, it is crucial to replace it promptly to ensure the safe and smooth operation of your ramp. Regular inspections and maintenance of the lift ropes are recommended to identify any potential issues and prevent accidents or malfunctions. 

Ramp Spares has a great selection of lift safety cables to choose from, including these replacements for Souriou / Istobal Garage Lifts.

All our lift cables are manufactured from high quality wire rope in accordance with ISO9001 quality management procedures. They also come with a 12-month guarantee for your peace of mind. 

We have cables available for most types of lifts, including older models which are still widely used. 
Check out our collection of lift safety cables or contact our team for more information.