Durable And Long Lasting Lift Cables For Garages

Lift cables are highly important for car garages, since they help to lift and lower vehicles. They therefore need to have excellent tensile strength and durability to ensure they lift cars and other heavy objects without breaking. 

Safety is the most important factor in any car garage and you want replacement lifting ropes to meet the necessary safety standards. They should be thoroughly tested so there’s no chance of sudden failures. 

Did you know that rope-driven lifts provide more control and precision when positioning vehicles at different heights?

They can be used to move the lift slowly and precisely, so mechanics can work on cars more accurately. Rope lifts can also take up less space than hydraulic designs, making them ideal for garages where space is limited. These types of lifts are also more cost-effective than complex hydraulic systems.

Since lift cables become worn out and damaged over time, it’s crucial they’re replaced when needed. Fortunately, cables can be replaced without major disruptions to the entire lift system.

Ramp Spares can provide replacement components that fit any garage layout and configuration, no matter the ceiling height or workspace needs. Our extensive range of lift cables include those for older models. All are manufactured from high quality wire rope in accordance with ISO9001 quality management procedures.

Check out our latest range of garage lift cables or contact our team for more information.