5 Reasons Lifting Blocks Are Important For Garage Lifts

Our rubber lift blocks are vital accessories for garage lifts for several reasons:

  1. They provide additional clearance between the vehicle’s undercarriage and the lift platform. This is crucial for vehicles with low ground clearance, preventing a vehicle from scraping or getting damaged during the lifting process.
  2. Ramp Spares have rubber blocks that provide more stability. Since lifting blocks provide a solid base for a vehicle’s contact points, they reduce the risk of slippage or shifting while the vehicle is raised on the lift. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and the operator.
  3. Lifting blocks protect your garage lift’s surfaces from damage. That’s because they prevent contact with vehicle components such as axles, frame rails, or pinch welds. This helps prolong the lifespan of the lift and reduces maintenance costs over time.
  4. They make parts of the vehicle more accessible and distribute weight evenly. Lifting blocks can be used to raise specific areas of the vehicle, allowing easier access for maintenance or repair tasks. For instance, they can be placed under tires to lift only one side of the vehicle, providing access to components such as brakes, suspension, or wheels. 
  5. They distribute the weight of the vehicle more evenly. Lifting blocks help distribute the vehicle’s weight more evenly across the lift’s platforms, reducing the stress on individual lift components and ensuring proper balance during the lifting process.

All in all, our rubber lifting blocks are essential accessories for garage lifts, enhancing safety, versatility, and convenience while protecting both the vehicle and the lift itself.

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